Bones Knives


eavning all . heres the sheath i just finished for the old time hunter i made not long back . 3.5mm vegtan leather and alot of 3mm silversteel rod to make the rivets . im the first to admit im no sheath maker , but i dont think it turned out to bad

this is a big old chopper bowie i was asked to make for a gent to go camping with 

the blade is 10.5inch long 2inch wide and 5.5mm thick at the spine with a saber grind 

the fittings are also bearing steel aged slightly to contrast the blade and the scales are samba stag . i hope you like it

eavning all , this is an old time hunter style knife 

the blade is etched bearing steel 7.5 inch long 35mm wide and 5mm at its thickest 

the handle is stag from a very old carving knife . its hard to tell from the pics but the years of use have left the stag looking like marble 

it sits so nice in the hand i may just keep it for my self

Aug 2

this beast is a take on a john nelson cooper iron mistress . its a monster of a bowie 

the blade is 11 inch long 2.5 inch wide and 6mm thick bearing steel 

the handle is 5,5 inch long micarta with enough brass in the guard and pomel to cast a canon

the knife and sheath weigh 3.5 lbs in total , you need a strong arm to wield this old knife  



Hand crafted book making awl made by Ru Titley. Thanks Ru for doing an amazing job on this very special and unique piece!! ru-titley-knives

A real pleasure to make this up for you Chris .

The hand made ’ Zen doodle and rambling thoughts’ book below was custom made for me by Chris and is stunningly textured from recycled materials . 

 The awl’s spike was forged by Bones from Silver steel and Ive etched and stone washed it before adding a stag antler handle with a hammered copper lanyard hole and beach found copper ships washer as a bolster .

 The Rustic spike guard  is bamboo slivers dyed and wrapped with 3 strand braided sinew and an old button as an end cap.

you made a blinder there mate very nice indeed 

Hear we have a musso style bowie . it was made to the original plans that musso drew but scaled back to a 12 inch blade from 13.5

the blade is bearing steel 12inch long 2.5 inch at its widest and 6mm thick at the spine . the guard and ferule are both mild steel and the handle is desert iron wood . the sheath is 3.5mm veg tan leather

i hope you like it

Jul 9

this is my first in a while as im far behind with things

Its a take on the iron mistress knife . Blade is bearing steel 10.5 inch long 21/4 inch wide hand rubed to 2000 grit with brass strip 

The handle is african blackwood with steel fittings and plate , the sheath is 3.5mm thick vegtan leather

i believe the new owner is a happy bunny with it


Post Apocalyptic Bones .

I picked up this great bearing steel blade blank from Bones knives some months back after a meet up at my workshops of some of the Devon & Cornwall knife makers .

 I’m not 100% sure if its 52100 or L3 bearing steel or if Bones ever named the model but its definitely a practical design .

 Ive handled the blade in some brown canvas Micarta over orange G-10 liners with torx bolts and an aluminum lanyard tube .

 Ive added 4 sections of jimping to the spine of the tang and then the whole knife was dark etched in Ferric before it was stone washed for a time served aged effect .

 There’s just something about the deep fuller , the worn stone washed  steel and the brown of the Micarta that really reminds me of old battered AK47 ,Im quite sure this knife will be just as dependable.

 Bones knives

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

the ak47 i like that ruster , i see a plan forming  . looks the business mate you did a top job 

ive not been around for a while due to working on knives 

so heres a little low layer dirtymascus hunter style knife i started months ago and never got to finish till yesterday

the blade is 5.5 inch long 5mm at its thickest and 35mm wide . the handle is brass , buffalo and rejarah burl wood . it needs a bit of a polish to finish it off   

This is a big old dagger i was commissioned to make . The blade is 75cr1 10inch long 45mm or so wide . the guard and spacers are forged wrought iron and brass . the handle is hand carved wood of some thing i forget . all in all a beast of a feasting dagger